Commercial Litigation & General Business Representation

When you run a business, you can make sure every “T” is crossed and every “I” dotted, and you are still going to face issues from time to time. Whether you are working with other companies, or directly with consumers, legal disputes will arise. When they do, you need dedicated, experienced legal counsel who can see you through the conflicts that threaten your livelihood.


When someone files a lawsuit against your company, fighting that lawsuit becomes the center of your business world. Whether the lawsuit is due to a disagreement about a contract, an accident that took place on your company’s property, or any other issue, you need an attorney who understands no only the litigation process, but also how important your company is to you and that you have a positive outcome in your lawsuit in order to keep your company from losing money it may not be able to afford to lose.

In trying times like these, you need an attorney on your side to advocate for you and explain the legal proceedings in plain language. Attorney Jim Thorburn  provides comprehensive explanation before, during, and after litigation. This can help you make it through your legal proceedings with the least amount of stress.

A lawsuit doesn’t mean the end of the road, or that you can expect to have to pay. Erroneous lawsuits are filed all the time. When you’ve been hit with a lawsuit, you can defend yourself and your company by proving the other party was wrong in filing the suit in the first place. Even if some parts of a contract went unmet, or a person was injured on your property, that doesn’t necessarily mean you were breaking the law or in the wrong. An experienced litigation attorney will find the holes in a lawsuit, and ensure you don’t pay what you don’t owe.

When you have a problem requiring litigation, you may feel scared or stressed – no matter which side of the matter you are on. It can feel like it is impossible to “see eye to eye” with the other party, especially if communication has broken down.

An attorney can increase the chance of obtaining a positive outcome in your legal matter.  Do not think of trying to represent yourself to save a few dollars; an attorney is the best choice if you want to increase your likelihood of success.

General Business Representation

One of the best ways to fight disputes over employment or consumer contracts is to ensure those disputes never arise in the first place. In running a business, you face many circumstances in which advice from an experienced business lawyer can keep you from making the wrong decisions, and ensure you are legally covered. Keeping a general business attorney on tap gives you someone to call whenever you face those difficult legal questions. A general business attorney can also look over every contract you enter into, making sure every line means what you think it means, so you don’t end up signing something that can come back to haunt you.

When you need general business representation, or a litigation attorney, Jim Thorburn can provide the business counsel you need to get through your legal struggles, so you can get back to the important task of running your business.